Relationship Capital

Relationship capital is defined as the set of all relationships – market relationships, power relationships and co-operation – established between firms, institutions and people that stem from a strong sense of belonging and a highly developed capacity of co-operation typical of culturally similar people and institutions.

To build deep relationships with a large number of partners is difficult. Therefore, a company has to find the right balance between breadth and depth for partnerships – between reaching out to the largest group of partners versus deepening the collaboration with a limited group of them.

Strategic relationship with key suppliers

As the company has developed, we have created a network management model in which every link in the production chain exploits the best skills on the market.

The “make it or buy it” logic, therefore represents a constant in the development of the company in order to identify strategic partners. The operating structures/units of the company are inter-connected with the suppliers and with the consultants, thus creating a complex corporate system which can have access to a greater variety of resources and skills which could not otherwise be developed, in an autonomous and isolated manner, quickly enough for the “time to market” dictated by the main competitors of the financial world.

MAML has developed a strong relationship with a number of suitable partners that allows us to have access to a broader range of providers in the financial market. The company has adopted with this network of partners, a sophisticated framework, including a set of rules and procedures, that support the relationship and allows MAML to monitor the quality of the service received on an on-going basis.

MAML is able to leverage on a global network of key partners; this gives us the possibility to monitor on-going global trends and to identify the more suitable strategies that can meet client’s expectation.

Strategic relationship with our Clients

As MAML provides investment services to its clients, we believe it is pivotal to establish and to maintain a strong relationship with them in order to understand their needs and meet their expectations. Our clients include UCITS and Non-UCITS Investment Funds (and their management companies) and life insurers in a number of European countries.

A constant interaction with MAML's clients is in place at different levels, from an informal approach up to formal attendance at Committee and Board meetings To be able to establish an open and transparent communication channel with its clients, enhancing the relationship through a high quality customer service becomes a value added for every organization that aspires to excel in the asset management industry.

MAML is always keen to understand and to assess different market outlooks and scenarios and to share the outcomes with our clients in order to match market trends with client needs.